Thinking about building a barn but just not ready to jump in with both feet?
Let's face it, this is a huge investment, one you will live with for a long time. It can be overwhelming when you start to consider all the details and decisions. Decisions that can make the difference between a satisfying project adding considerable value to your property or a huge headache that becomes a never ending money pit.
The BonTerra Barn Book provides a varied collection of plans and ideas in a format that will help you think,
be informed, organize your dreams and be prepared to bring them to reality.


This very useful workbook will include topics on:

Plans and ideas for:barns, cottages, round pens, fencing, etc.
Resource guide for:stalls, flooring, hardware, ventilation, construction materials, etc.
Pocket folders for:your ideas, photos, articles, samples, etc. AND a sketch pad for those "light bulb" moments
Pages addressing:common barn dimensions for stalls, windows, doors, aisle, etc. and WHY they are important
the importance of site location and drainage, water and electrical sources and above all, SAFETY
the importance of thinking about what you want now and what you need in the future

This workbook, spiral bound with heavy-duty cover material, will become an essential tool in the process
of realizing your project no matter how small or large.